What To Wear

Color Design

Choosing the clothes you will wear for your portrait session is extremely important because it defines the color scheme of the image. Neutral tones tend to work best because they allow your skin tone and facial expressions to be the focus of the image. Neutral schemes don’t distract from your faces and are a timeless way to commemorate this moment.

Home Decor

Choosing the color scheme of your portrait session should complement the decor in your home. So, consider where you plan to hang a portrait. What is the style of the decor? What are the color tones of the room? Coordinating what you wear in the portrait session to the place where you plan to display the images will make the art seamlessly integrate with the space and look customized for your home.


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Design Guide

Clothing Style


  • Sleeve -Long sleeves are best
  • Collar Design- Simple is better
  • Fabric Pattern – Stay away from complicated designs
  • Adornment – Buttons often scratch baby’s delicate skin
  • Texture & Flow – Some fabric textures photograph beautifully like linen and cotton. Shiny fabrics are distracting and reflect the light.
  • Fit – A shirt that is too loose often adds pounds in-camera. So does one that is too small.