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The Portrait Experience

Pre-Session Consultation

Prior to your newborn portrait session (or any other session), this is where your adventure starts! Come and visit us in our portrait studio or speak with Kate on the phone to see what we are all about. For those clients wishing to invest in portrait wall decor for their home or an heirloom portrait album for their children, your complimentary consultation will give you a chance to relax and talk about creating the ideal portrait session for you. We want to know everything about you, your family and kids, your style, your decor – EVERYTHING! We will talk about clothing options, and we would love to see images of your home to discuss areas to display your new images, and plan for something that best fits you and your family. Then, when your portrait session day arrives, we will have a plan so everything goes smoothly. This is a chance for you to come meet us and see what we offer, and what most appeals to you. The newborn portrait is no longer just about an image on the wall. From albums to coffee table books, portrait boxes and inspirational wall collections…. photography has made leaps and bounds through unique and innovative product design. We will focus on customizing special pieces specifically for your home, and taylor your portrait experience around just that, an amazing experience that results in a beautiful and unique product. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and a commitment to each family’s relationships with one another, and the creation of unique art for your home. At your complimentary consultation we will get to know you and you us. Great portraits begin with a great relationship. Tell us about your home and your vision and we’ll add in our creativity to make it happen.

Sessions At The Studio

Studio newborn portrait sessions take place in Kate’s residential studio in North Austin. The session fee includes up to three hours of Kate’s time and talent with unlimited backdrops and clothing changes. With kiddos and dogs, Kate typically works with them until she feels they have had “enough.” Animals and kids can burn out quickly, and Kate does not want to press beyond their limits. We want them to have fun and love the portrait session experience! The studio offers a fun and relaxed environment where we create a look that is timeless and sophisticated no matter what the weather. Using studio lighting allows us the flexibility to do this. We have lots of time during the session, so for children and family sessions you are welcome to bring a few different clothing options to help ensure variety. (For newborn sessions, there is no need to bring along clothing options for the baby. We will take care of that). Feel free to bring along something that is special to your child. A toy or keepsake can help create a unique and individualized portrait of your child.

Sessions On-Location

On location newborn portrait and other types of portrait sessions can take place in your home or in any of Austin’s outdoor locations. Home is where your children are most comfortable, so creating professional portraits there gives the images a unique and natural quality. Natural light is gorgeous and these portrait sessions are usually done right before sunset for the most flattering quality of light. Portraits created in your home incorporate the things that surround you everyday. The result is that the images become heirlooms, and memories that hold a lot of meaning for you. When Kate arrives at your home, she will make suggestions to achieve what she artistically believes will make for the best images. She’ll go through your home looking for the best natural light, or she will use her studio lighting to help boost the natural light that is there. Sometimes, she’ll even want to move the furniture to get the most from the light that exists. If you choose one of Austin’s scenic areas, picture your home’s style when considering the location. Grass or flower-filled fields and creeks are timeless and classic, but Austin’s downtown SO-CO can be a lot of fun.  These portrait sessions have an edgier/retro feel. Kate will often select a “grungy” location. Juxtaposing a sweet innocent child against a gritty back alley will make your child appear even MORE precious. Location sessions are Kate’s favorite. You can expect to spend up to two hours photographing your session. Kate likes to take her time getting to know your family. The more comfortable your family members are… they more beautiful and authentic the images will be.

Viewing & Ordering

You will view your images in a slide show set to music during your Presentation & Ordering Appointment a week or two after your session. We will help you with all of your decisions and provide you with custom-designed options that have been specifically created for you and your family. And, the snapshots of your home that you sent us in the questionnaire, will be utilized to help design the perfect options for you. We will show you what your favorite images will look like right on YOUR wall! This is one of the best parts – so make sure everyone who wants to give input is there to help.

  • Can I bring my kids to the presentation and ordering appointment?

Of course you can! Children are welcome, HOWEVER, you may wish to relax and concentrate on your beautiful portraits and products that we create for you. In that case you might want to arrange childcare, or set up your presentation while your children are in school.

  • What if I only want a few small prints?

Katie Amber Photography is a full service, high quality portrait and design studio. Kate spends an unlimited amount of time on your session from photography to post processing, and then provides you with the highest quality images to choose from. If you prefer to only receive gift prints, we recommend you book our mini-sessions which offer shorter sessions for less.

  • What kind of investment do most families make?

Most clients invest from $600 to $2500. Remember : everyone has different needs – some spend a little more and some spend a little less.

  • When do I get to bring everything home?
  • Quality takes time, so please allow 4 weeks from your order date for completion of your order. Custom designed albums and orders with framing will take longer. But we promise, it’s worth the wait!